Directed by Michael Pickle
Runtime 13:14 minutes


In this horror short both written and directed by Michael Pickle, two young men on a camping trip meet an attractive young woman who, for some reason, has taken an interest in them. Robert (Robert Salcido) has a video camera with him and encourages Brett (Kris Powersz) to hook up with Kate (Kaight Zoia). Kate and Brett retire to a tent while Robert gets drunk by the fire.It’s not long before the Mad Biker (Michael Pickle) makes his appearance and attacks the campers. Of course, there is a sweet little twist.
Not long after, a young couple hiking in the woods happens across the campsite and finds Robert’s video camera. The watch what was filmed and are horrified by what they see. Terrified, they attempt to flee the campsite, but don’t make it very far.
While I felt the story of The Campsite was pretty standard teen slasher stuff, I was still impressed with what I saw. I especially enjoyed the multiple twists that surprised me (I hate predictability). The actors were very good and Pickle’s directing was excellent. The Special Effects makeup by Adina Pickle was really good for a no-budget short film. While not something you’re likely to see on DVD anytime soon (unfortunately), THE CAMPSITE is currently making the rounds on the horror festival circuit. If you get the chance, check out this really cool short film.


Love and Chainsaws,


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