We’ve heard rumors of the upcoming TV series based on the 2009 flick ZOMBIELAND for a while now, and while there’s no actual series as of yet, the pilot hit the web today, and you can watch it for free!  If you’re one of the fortunate souls to have an Amazon Prime account, anyway.  (Aye, there’s the rub.)  You can order it online here.


In the meantime, us lowly non-Primefolk will have to live with the trailer, visible here:


While Woody Harrelson and Fake Mark Zuckerberg aren’t involved, some of the film’s original creative team in on board,  including writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It’s being directed by TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL‘s Eli Craig, so we’ll be giving it a fair shot as soon as we can.



– Paul Freitag-Fey


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