We pick up immediately after the premiere, HATCHET style, with Ally screaming her head off after realizing she went into bed with a scary looking clown. Her supposed delusions are finally getting her wife, Ivy, who still walks up the stairs holding onto a kitchen knife ready to fight off killer clowns. Ivy really is the perfect wife as she still stands by Ally even though she she knows she’s crazy. The real stress though is that she is pretty much running the restaurant on her own and has to also deal with racial tension in the kitchen.



In true AMERICAN HORROR STORY style, logic doesn’t have a firm hold on the characters as neither wife seems to be suspicious of their nanny, Winter. Winter has a knack for leaving their son, Ozzy, with strangers, as she did in tonight’s episode with the new neighbors. Now, these neighbors were the highlight of the episode, as Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman have joined the cast (I don’t think they’ve been on the series yet, but I could be wrong). Eichner is someone I’m still new to, as I’ve only seen him as a guest on BRAVO talk shows. Grossman, however, I’ve been a huge fan of since her Mary Cherry days on Ryan Murphy’s original teen drama POPULAR.




Here, they play Harrison and Meadow Wilton, an all too honest couple who move into the recently killed Changs’ murder house. They’re huge Nicole Kidman fans who made a special arrangement as Harrison is actually gay with a weekly hall pass. She stays out of the sun as a skin cancer survivor and he’s a beekeeper. They share a lot of their financial troubles as to rationalize why one would purchase and move into a home where a gruesome murder just occurred. It’s not going to be any surprise when we find out the Wiltons are somehow responsible for the murders and are in on some scheme with Winter and Kai.


Now, Kai’s set-up in going viral was a success, as news reports are focusing on the staged footage of immigrants beating the crap out of him. He uses this to boost publicity for his running in the city council. The man still looks batshit crazy when he’s on the news and even quotes Donald Trump, milking the rapist and criminal references for all its worth. While I can appreciate the blurred lines of reality and horror here, the show can’t help but feel dated already. Whether you support Trump or not, it’s hard to deny that the jabs are just several months behind and now feels like the show is attempting to cash in. It’s like when a racist makes a remark to me and calls me a landscaper. I’m not offended by his comment, but rather the laziness of the dated reference.



If Harrison wasn’t bad news already (but great for the show!), he easily gets a gun in Ally’s hand. Now, I’m not going to go into the whole gun control conversation, but if there was someone out there who shouldn’t be owning a firearm, it’s Ally. As soon as I saw her place that hand on that piece of steel, I knew someone was going to end up dead by episode’s end. In true taboo manner, she does shoot someone and that someone is the Hispanic kitchen employee from the restaurant who was heading over to drop off supplies. What’s even more inappropriate is there were some racially motivated conversations earlier in the episode and now we get this crazy white lady shooting down supposed immigrants.


It’s no secret that there people trying to mess with her and drive her nuts. The end game is still unclear though and I’m curious as to why Ally is their prime target.
















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