Make sense of it…


It was almost as if “Dougie” was actually telling his superior something instead of merely repeating his last spoken words.


Case files….


I thought “Dougie” was somehow going to be able to literally do his job as if Cooper’s subconscious had been slowly taking over. Instead we were given cryptic stairs and ladders that his boss somehow understood.




My favorite line of dialogue so far: “Think about it! It’s hard enough to get that kind of money let alone with broken legs!!” I saw many complaints on social media about Naomi Watts’ acting. Her interpretation of Lynch’s words was beyond perfect.




My (and no doubt many other’s) theory about Laura Dern portraying Special Agent Dale Cooper’s offscreen secretary / personal assistant Diane Evans turned out to be true. Sometimes I like being right. Most of the time when I’m right it’s about something bad. I can’t wait to see her interaction with Cooper’s doppelganger.


Don’t die….


Cooper obviously must come to awareness at some point for some kind of battle with his doppelganger. What is also obvious is that the episode “title” has multiple meanings. The brutal stabbing over some excellent music that I assume was an Angelo Badalamenti composition. The hit and run death and the mother’s reaction was beyond heartbreaking. Could more than one character be influenced by The Black Lodge?


Hawk’s Heritage….


Hawk seems to be the most intelligent person in the Twin Peaks police department these days with the other Sheriff Truman being a close second. I wanted his “heritage” to have something to do with ritual magick. Instead it merely involved a coin and the name of a bathroom stall door company. The dumbass cop walking in and bothering him was simply hysterical. What did he find in the door? Ripped out pages of Laura Palmer’s diary?


There’s a body all right….


It’s the “name” of the next episode. A body!? In a Twin Peaks episode!? How can that be!? Is it Lorraine (the woman in the office who is stabbed)? Is it her co-worker? It can’t possibly be “Dougie.”



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