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Oh don’t lean on me man/ ‘Cause you can’t afford the ticket/ I’m back on SLIME CITY!


NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES returns with the oft-requested, goop-covered, 1980s low-budget classic SLIME CITY from director Greg Lamberson. Filled with grimy ’80s NYC atmosphere and packed with ooze, sludge and gore, Moe and Doug are kicking off 2016 with a BANG as they dive into a pool of gloopy goodness and come out REBORN.


AND THAT’S NOT ALL! It’s *CONTEST TIME*! You can win yourself a copy the 3-Disc ULTIMATE EDITION of J.R. Bookwalter’s classic THE DEAD NEXT DOOR. And it’s EASY TO WIN. Listen to the episode for ALL THE JUICY details, or pop over to the Facebook group.


BUT THERE’S MORE! Need to get yourself a copy of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR right now? How about No-Budget Nightmares classic ROBOT NINJA? How about OZONE, or POLYMORPH? We’ve got you covered. For ONE WEEK ONLY you can get a massive 25% off the Tempe Entertainment online store and stock up on a ton of Bookwalter goodness. Just head over to http://tempevideo.tictail.com/ and use the coupon code NOBUDGET. Let us know what you get!


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