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Are you ready? CAN you be ready? TODD SHEETS is here, and Moe and Doug are about to enter his HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS before ALL OF YOU SUCKERS! That’s right! It might not be available to the general public yet, but OUR HOSTS ARE SPECIAL and they get to see things *nobody* else can see. It’s got GEORGE HARDY. It’s got LLOYD KAUFMAN. It’s got FABIO (F**CKING) FRIZZI. It’s got DYANNE THORNE. We’ve got TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! TODD! It’s a SHEETSTRAVAGANZA and it’s all for you. Stick around to the end for Roo’s amazing HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS song. LICK IT UP!

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    March 24, 2015

    Thank you so much for the love and support…. House is a labor of love and we all worked so damned hard on it…. it is so great when people are entertained… that is why we all came together and created the film. An amazing cast and crew that really poured their souls into it. Your kind words make it all worthwhile.

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