Podcast: Daily Grindhouse Presents – No-Budget Nightmares: So Mort It Be (2004)


On this week’s Daily Grindhouse Presents – No-Budget Nightmares, Daily Grindhouse contributors Moe and Sweetback discuss Fabian Rush’s 2004 horror-comedy SO MORT IT BE. If you have a hankering for mutant rat worms, bodily dismemberment, TERRIBLE bluescreen, and a fistful of silliness, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself. Keep listening for the recordings final twenty minutes where the hosts slowly start to lose their minds – recorded for your listening pleasure.


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Download the Mp3 right here. (89.7 Megs) (Right click and SAVE AS to download)


Sweeback’s review of SO MORT IT BE can be found right here.


Sweetback’s interview with director Fabian Rush can be found right here.


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