Podcast: Daily Grindhouse Presents – No-Budget Nightmares: Terror Toons (2002)


On this week’s Daily Grindhouse Presents – No-Budget Nightmares, Daily Grindhouse contributors Moe and Sweetback discuss Joe Castro’s 2002 ultraviolent comedy TERROR TOONS. There’s Rage Against The Machine lyrics, misogyny, and a mean streak a mile wide. If you like your cartoons unpleasant and – somehow – live action, this is the podcast for you. And, yes, Satan himself shows up.



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Sweeback’s review of TERROR TOONS can be found right here.




Doug Tilley

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    February 10, 2012

    I hope Michial Keaton is in this.And Michiel Beihn too.Don’t see ehteir one of them in movies that much.Good movies anyway.Also Tim Thomerson should be in this movie.

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