With the saturation level reached by low-budget zombie and found footage films, vampires—once one of the staples of horror films—have been more or less left behind in recent years. AARON’S BLOOD looks to be a more serious-minded entry in the vampire subgenre that could use a jumpstart.



From the press release:


A timid hemophiliac, Tate is roughed up at school by the chief bully causing a massive nosebleed that lands him in the hospital fighting for his life.  He makes a miraculous recovery after a necessary blood transfusion, but Aaron begins to notice progressively strange behaviors in his son.  Faced with the grim possibility that his son could be becoming a vampire, Aaron enlists the help of a local vampire hunter and embarks on a frantic search to find the source of the infection to stop the transformation before it’s too late.


Written and directed by Tommy Stovall, the film stars James Martinez as Aaron and Trevor Stovall as Tate.



While there have been plenty of films about trying to stop the process of becoming a vampire, the hemophilia angle gives AARON’S BLOOD an interesting hook. This trailer is promising and at the very least, it appears that the film will operate as a dramatic showcase for veteran character actor Martinez.


Gravitas Ventures is giving AARON’S BLOOD a limited theatrical release on June 2, 2017 followed by a VOD release on June 6, 2017.



Matt Wedge

Matt Wedge

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