[TRAILER DROP] A KARATE filled Cannon Throwback, A Different Kind of GREMLIN, & A Canadian Librarian

Each week we try to highlight some soon to be released films that might fly under your radar.



DEATH POOL, comes to home video June 20.



DARKNESS RISING from IFC Midnight comes to VOD and select theaters on June 30.



LEFTOVERS hits VOD on July 11.




GREMLIN is unleashed on digital July 11.



KARATE KILL, comes from Dark Cuts on July 18.



THE SKYJACKER’S TALE, opens soon in New York and Los Angeles.



LOST IN PARIS opens in New York City on June 16.




Mike Vanderbilt

Mike Vanderbilt

A writer, filmmaker, musician, and amatuer bon vivant, Mike Vanderbilt spends his days and nights on either end of the bar. When not hard at work slinging margaritas, he tries to squeeze in as much adventure, excitement and romance as he can. He also has a certain moral flexibility.
Mike Vanderbilt

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