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When the weekend comes, some people grab a light domestic and watch a football game, and some grab a shot of rye and turn on grindhouse cinema until the clock reads 2:00 AM. Here are the Top 10 flicks we are digging right now on Netflix Instant. Hopefully you can find something here to punch your eyeballs with. Here’s to good watching this weekend, SALUTE!


10. HERCULES (1983)



Hercules must rescue Princess Cassiopea from her kidnappers while fighting off monsters that are well south of impressive. HOWEVER, this gives you a busty Sybil Danning performance and an unintentionally comedic Lou Ferrigno. Who knew Hercules had a speech impediment.


9. THE CAR (1977)



Action/horror hybrid about a demonic, driver-less car haunting the American Southwest. Yes, The Twilight Zone did something similar, and better, but the film is still fun for fans of this kind of stuff.





A Green Beret returns home from the Vietnam war to find that a gang of murderous bikers have killed his fiancee. This was Marvin Gaye’s debut film, apparently he was waiting for just the right biker-revenge-film. The flick is cool as hell and if you decide to buy it you can find it on a double feature with THE MINI-SKIRT MOB.




(aka MAD DOG KILLER) (1977)



There’s nothing more terrifying than… a BEAST WITH A GUN! Helmut Berger is an evil as fuck psychotic villain in director Sergio Grieco’s (THE SINFUL NUNS OF SAINT VALENTINE) final film.





A newlywed couple are passing through a vacation resort when their paths cross with a mysterious, strikingly beautiful countess and her aide. I could take the high road and say this is a beautifully shot film that almost feels like an art-house vampire flick, but this is the DG so I will just call your attention to the lesbian vampires and call it good.


5. C.C. AND COMPANY (1970)



Motorcycle mechanic C.C. Ryder joins “The Heads,” an outlaw biker gang. Joe Namoth is much better here than he was on THE BRADY BUNCH. Fuck you Brain Bosworth.


4. STREET LAW (1974)



Franco Nero is an engineer from Genoa who gets mugged and decides to take justice into his own hands in this Italian riff on DEATH WISH. Even in a turtleneck Nero kicks ass.





You want tough? You got tough. Written by Fernando Di Leo, the master of the ITALIAN CRIME TRILOGY, this is one of Ruggero Deodato’s best films. Deodato made stuff like HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, but this film shows how good he was at creating hard-boiled action. Like the next two picks, this is 70’s grindhouse at its best!


2. FOXY BROWN (1974)



One bad mamma is out for revenge and taking down the mob one cracker at a time. This is the blaxpoitation genre doin’ what it does best, kicking ass and dropping fools with gritty tough excess and flashing the goods when it damn well wants to. God breast Pam Grier.





You beat a man, they call you tough. You beat an army, they call you…THE STREET FIGHTER! Starring grindhouse and martial-arts legend Sonny Chiba as Tsurugi, a bad-ass for hire who comes to the rescue of a kidnapped heiress. THE STREET FIGHTER was the first feature to be given an X rating on violence alone, due mainly to the scene where Tsurugi castrates a brotha in the act of raping a lady. This film is tough as nails and is essential viewing for any bastard hitting our little corner of grindhouse cool. This is one of the best exploitation flicks of all-time in my not so humble opinion.


Hopefully you found some good shit to hook up with this weekend and if you didn’t, find the best video store in town and grab an arm-full of titles and let the festivities begin.



see you on forty deuce,




Thanks to Poe for THE CAR write-up.

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    November 23, 2011

    Hercules is a blast just for the early scene where Ferrigno is fighting the bear, and calling out whether it’s footage of an actual bear or a man in the suit. It’s so poorly done and immediately followed by him throwing the bear into outer space… perfect.

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