Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’re probably already aware that the sequel to last years’s anthology film THE ABC’S OF DEATH is currently in the works, with an all-star line-up of genre directors ready to top the original with their three-minute alphabetical efforts.

Just like last year, Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films and Magnolia Pictures have offered one of the letters to amateur filmmakers to try and top the pros, with the entry that gets the most votes making it into the final film. The response has been overwhelming.. HUNDREDS of entries are currently able to be watched on the ABC’S OF DEATH website; and – as you can imagine – the quality runs from AMAZING to entirely unwatchable.

Having now watched over 200 of the entries (I have the spreadsheet to prove it), I’m of the belief that you could actually assemble a film from 26 of the current entries that would be far superior to the often shaky first ABCS OF DEATH anthology. In fact, the best of these shorts put most of the included shorts from the original film to shame. There’s still a few more days to get your votes in, so I’ve assembled 26 of my favorite “M” entries for you to check out. If you like them.. VOTE FOR THEM! Help the next generation of great genre filmmakers get the attention they deserve.


M IS FOR MAGNETIC TAPE – Directed by Tim Rutherford and Cody Kennedy

A beautiful ode to the superheroes working at your local video store. Gory as hell, and funny as fuck.

M IS FOR MAESTRO – Directed by Adam J. Berlingeri

This Maestro takes his work VERY seriously. Hit a bum note and you might end up dead!

M IS FOR MACTATION – Directed by Maria Ivanova

Gorgeous, haunting animated effort from Russia

M IS FOR MAGNETS – Directed by David ‘dwyz’ Wayman

A dork + electromagnet + gore = FUN!

M IS FOR MACABRE – Directed by Matt Valentine

Insane, stylish music video.

M IS FOR MUTANT – Directed by Stuart Simpson

Unique and hyperviolent. Feels like a three minute chunk from a complete, absolutely nutty, film.

M IS FOR MUNDANE – Directed by Wicked Bird Media

Love this. Office worker finds an outlet to escape from the mundanity of life.

M IS FOR MULTIVERSE APATHY (MIERDA!) – Directed by Santi González

Very funny, with a bizarre concept. And what a title!

M IS FOR MOTHER – Directed by Erick Delgado R.

A simple story – told well – of a group of people (one pregnant) trying to survive during the apocalypse.

M IS FOR MERRY CHRISTMAS – Directed by Joe and Lloyd Stas

Krampas just wants some love! And someone to watch COP AND A 1/2 with.

M IS FOR MORMON MISSIONARIES – Directed by Peter Podgursky

This one goes somewhere very interesting.. and tragic.

M IS FOR MAILBOX – Directed by Dante Vescio and Rodrigo Gasparini

Really popular entry. A vampire ends up going to the wrong house.

M IS FOR MUNCHIES – Directed by Stan Hales

I really dug this. It’s not only humans that get the munchies.

M IS FOR MADNESS – Directed by Ross Williams

SELF-INFLICTED director Ross Williams has a really wonderful take on zombie transformation.

M IS FOR MUSIC BOX – Directed by Sebastian Cox

Really simple concept, but played well.. and with some really lovely FX work.

M IS FOR MUFF – Directed by Mia’Kate Russell

Darkly funny, with a killer of an ending.

M IS FOR MATCHMAKER – Directed by Sean Tretta

Some guys just can’t find the right gal.. So, why not turn to a matchmaker?

M IS FOR MESSIAH – Directed by Nicholas Humphries

Young woman interrupts her own sacrifice. Oops!

M is For Malnutrition – Directed by Peter Czikrai

I’m still a sucker for a good zombie story, told well. In this zombie apocalypse, a can of food is worth killing for.

M is for Madame-Kali – Directed by Jazz Virk

Really adore this. Unique, Hindu take on demon summoning for revenge.

M is for Mail – Directed by Pedro Santasmarinas

There were a few entries about making sure you always forward chain e-mails. This is, by far, the most amusing.

M is for Myth – Directed by Gonzalo López

The classic vampire meets the modern vampire in this cheeky short.

M is for Mobile – Directed by Gabriel Guzmán S.

Owes a lot to Asian horror, but done wonderfully. One of the creepiest entries.

M is for Marriage – Directed by Todd E. Freeman

Very intense counselling session has a wonderfully messy ending.

M is for Mummified Mo’Fo – Directed by Peter Murfet

He’s a Mummified Mo’Fo! And he demolishes a group of 80s-themed nogoodniks.

M is for Music – Directed by Laurence Cooper

Beautifully crafted short with a lovely soundtrack.

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    November 11, 2013

    So happy that “M is for Madness” is part of this list! Great work complying these, I’ve seen about half of them, definitely among my favorites as well. I’ll have to check out the rest.

  • Reply
    November 12, 2013

    Seeing Mummified Mo’Fo on this list made my day! I know we’re not going to win (& we’re kinda struggling to get views with so many other entries vying for attention), so for us to have made a list like this… well, that feels like winning & more than we’re dared to hope for from this competition! Thank you!
    I’ve seen most of the other entries (a couple on here I still need to check out) & there are some truly brilliant films in the competition & you’ve made a fine selection.

  • Reply
    November 13, 2013

    Hey man! Glad you liked M is for Multiverse Apathy (MIERDA!). It was a really fun shortfilm to shoot and the whole team is really happy with the responses it’s had over the las couple of weeks. There are so many awsome shorts in this competition that it’s really cool being part of a list like this. Thanks!

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