As a gay horror fan, one thing I will always appreciate about AMERICAN HORROR STORY is all the gratuitous guy-on-guy action I get to see, the kind that I l always had to endure in several other genre offerings with women-on-women. The series has always embraced diversity and loves to exploit it, and I love every minute. I got to see Evan Peters make out with Colton Haynes tonight, and that was way hotter than expected. Especially since it led to us getting to see Peters play as a dom top.



Kai wants to use Winter as a birthing vessel to some great messiah. It initially came off as some kind of incestuous fantasy, but it’s even worse (or kinkier depending what your sick taste is). Kai wants Detective Samuels to fuck Winter bareback so she can have one hell of a gorgeous baby, but this all will go down as Kai fucks Samuels from behind at the same time. Winter of course thinks this is all batshit crazy, and almost goes through with it. Luckily, Samuels can’t get hard, since he still can’t admit he’s gay unless he’s choking women while penetrating them. Later, Winter shows who really has the balls in the situation when Samuels attempts to rape her in his car and she blows his brains out, blaming it on Beverly.



The women on the show are all finally getting to see the threat Kai poses, as he literally has placed his female army in the kitchen, mere servants to the men who follow him. Ally has supposedly overcome her fears that plagued her for the first few episodes of the season and invites Kai over for some sloppy joes. She reveals to him that his brother is planning on getting him committed, and shares this information in exchange for assistance on getting her son back. This involves her now becoming a part of the cult, as revealed in the last shot of the episode. Ivy’s reaction is priceless, and this relationship couldn’t be more fucked than it ever was before. I’m hoping Ally grows a set herself now too, and proves once and for all to everything she isn’t some crazy racist lesbian.



One crazy sequence of the episode involved another flashback, where Kai and Winter met up with an insane pastor at a Christian haunted house. The house itself is something straight out of a SAW movie (coincidence that the new one is out later this week?). Every room promised a victim who committed some kind of sin in the eyes of the pastor, such as drug addiction or sodomy, and must succumb to gruesome torture as a result. This pastor, however, is just insane, as these captives are not as guilty as they were introduced, and Kai and Winter save them all. This whole house got me all excited, as I’m also currently watching CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE, where each room is scarier than the next in a house that randomly appears in cities around the world. My need for an extreme haunted house is real, but unfortunately I live in the Midwest, where I have to settle for 3D gimmicks and clowns. This house is what sparked Kai’s dark side, as he ends up killing the pastor using one of his own devices.




This was definitely one of the darker and sexier episodes of the season, and I have no problem with that. I think it’s coming to a close soon, and this story is ready to be wrapped up. Evan Peters continues to impress at playing the psychopath, as he typically does in the series, and this time he’s a mix of Charles Manson and Jim Jones. His sexuality is so ambiguous and sinister that you really do want to know what it’s like in bed with him, even if it’s at the cost of your own head.













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