[SHUDDER] Take A Trip To New Zealand’s Largest Scare Park In This Exclusive Clip From SPOOKERS!

One of the most popular Halloween traditions is visiting the local haunted house. While I live in Chicago, it’s always a treat to cross the border into Indiana to the superb Reaper’s Realm or take a trip down to Lockport, IL for the Statesville Haunted Prison. New Zealand is a little out of the way, but SPOOKERS a new documentary offers a chance to to get a look at the most  popular scare park WAY down south. The documentary looks at the family business—situated in a former psychiatric hospital—that has been scaring Kiwis for over ten years. The film is now streaming on Shudder and we have this exclusive clip featuring an employee who ditched the corporate world of insurance for—at least for Americans—something a little less frightening.



SPOOKERS is now streaming on Shudder.



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