Dermot Mulroney has to be one of the most random actors out there. We all know him and might even love him from certain roles. For me, it’s MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING, but that’s my go-to romantic comedy. He recently made a big genre appearance with the third INSIDIOUS movie, but it feels so out-of-nowhere to see him on AMERICAN HORROR STORY as a sleazy boss in show business. For those perverts like me who had a big crush on him, it was hot to see him in some tight white boxer briefs in the latest episode, sucking on blood-stained latex gloves.


Kai makes it a point that Bob (Mulroney) must be killed as the world must witness the clowns on television and who better to watch die than the sleaziest bastard behind the scenes. It’s good to note that Bob was also sleeping with Serena (Emma Roberts) prior to her highly-publicized murder in the previous episode. The clowns show up at Bob’s place, interrupting his tied-up gimp session up in the attic. Not going to lie: That’s not my thing, but it was nice to watch and imagine Mulroney getting his dominant freak on. Unfortunately, we don’t get too much of a taste, as the clowns are revealed to be pretty much our entire supporting cast of characters, and they stab Bob repeatedly.


We get a little more insight into Kai, as it turns out his mother killed his abusive father and then herself. Kai and his brother, Dr. Vincent (in a not so shocking twist), keep the deaths a secret, and the corpses remain in their bedroom, where Kai pays a visit to talk to them every so often. Kai has managed to get everyone to drink the Kool Aid as he is officially now the cult leader, trying to create a new society for “the humiliated man.” He voted for Trump, but he is embracing those who felt otherwise. Kai is ultimately a predator, seeking the underdogs of diverse archetypes.


Adina Porter is given much more to work with this season compared to ROANOKE as the hungry for a juicy story reporter, Beverly. Her involvement with the murders helps create a satirical approach to the mass media obsession with the absolute sickest of crimes. Watching her jump from committing the actual murder to reporting it on television was one of the funniest transitions, but I’m sure I’m just sick in the head for thinking it’s funny. While she’s on Kai’s team, she’s not as gullible as the others, and willing to take the extra plunge to come out on top. I’m crossing my fingers for Beverly and Kai to go at it in a bloody showdown.


Ally (Sarah Paulson) continues to cry for some time, but she is finally noticing that something is up, and that even those close to her might not be trustworthy. She’s noticing that everything going wrong feels a bit calculated. She spies on Harrison, only to find that Meadow is indeed alive, almost buried. Meadow manages to let it out that her wife is in on the cult, and all the crazy shit that’s been going on around town. If Ally’s smart, then she’ll keep this to herself, as everyone else already thinks she’s crazy. She’s forced to see her son under supervised visits now, and everyone still thinks of her as the white shooter.


These last two episodes have really stepped up the game and taken AMERICAN HORROR STORY to some dark, yet funny places. I appreciate that this season feels less gimmicky than the others, and instead intends on telling a unique bizarre story, while providing some social commentary that might make some uncomfortable. It helps that they continue to seriously push the boundaries of what’s acceptable on television.
















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