I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about this season so far as I felt too much time was spent on watching Ally (Sarah Paulson) cry and cry again. Luckily, Episode Four shed some new blood and spent most of its time focusing on the more interesting characters and what led up to the current events of the season. Don’t get me wrong: Paulson is a terrific actress, but Ryan Murphy really needs to give her a break and let her not have a mental breakdown for just one season. This episode takes place before, during, and right after the election and where our supporting cast stood at this time.



It was my great pleasure that we got to spend a lot of time with Meadow (Leslie Grossman) and Harrison (Billy Eichner) who are probably the best couple on television right now. Turns out that Harrison has been putting up with a lot of bullshit at his job as a gym trainer, where he is forced night after night to hose down the left-over ejaculation in the sauna. His latest client, Kai (Evan Peters), witnesses the mistreatment and manages to seduce Harrison into killing his boss with a barbell and disposing of the body. Kai, I have to say, is pretty damn convincing, utilizing the curious straight male fantasy for his own sick agenda. Turns out that Meadow has not been handling their finances very well, as they are now getting foreclosed to Harrison’s surprise. Their vulnerability and desperation makes them the perfect susceptible students for Kai’s then-virginal cult. Going broke never looked so fun and even had a rather twisted moment where Meadow asks strangers for a hit and even offers her body in exchange. The guys decided they’d rather lose the joint than to fuck her out of desperation.



We also got to know more about reporter Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) as she developed a reputation after having a public meltdown where frat boys would interrupt filming by yelling “grab her by the pussy” constantly. She ends up beating one of the kids with her mic and ends up in rehab, even though she did nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned. Her job feels threatened, due to the young and slutty Serina (Emma Roberts) getting all the screen time. While Roberts is one talented star, Murphy believes in making her a class-A bitch whenever she’s on the show, but her role this season is cut short when a trio of clowns interrupt a taping and stab her to death. This is all the work of Kai, as he reels in Beverly into his circle by vowing to kill for his friends.



Chaz Bono returns as Gary, the hardcore Trump supporter who really is the definition of a piece of shit. He grabs Ivy’s vagina during a Trump protest and drives off in his pickup. He ends up getting tied up in a basement by Ivy and Winter (Billie Lourd), leaving him to saw off his own hand in order to get to the polls and to vote for Trump.


Episode Four reminded me why I love and continue to watch AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It had the sex and violence I adore in trashy cinema, even with its strange satirical take on current hot topics. I had to explain to someone today how the latest season plays on the racial tension, especially when it comes to minorities being shot by white armed citizens, but it’s funny. I probably sounded like a bigot, but the series just has that odd touch to it that makes it a great conversation piece. I see a lot of hate towards the series on social media from horror bloggers, but it really just comes off as pretentious because they’re just too cool for school. I’ll take my horror where I can get it, and it just so happens that AHS is some seriously entertaining shit.











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