[BCHFF ’16] I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER’S Christopher Lloyd Q&A

One of the biggest surprises of the BRUCE CAMPBELL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL was Billy O’Brien’s I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER. Based on Dan Wells’ 2009 novel of the same name, the film follows a Midwestern teenager (Max Records) who is a diagnosed sociopath obsessed with serial killers. When he beings to believe that a killer is on the loose in his town, he begins his hunt and it leads him down some very unexpected roads.

The film is gorgeously shot on 16mm and expertly showcases a chilly Minneapolis fall giving way to brutal winter, as well as the warm, homey interiors. I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER has George Romero’s MARTIN in it’s DNA, but also features a welcome gallows sense of humor and a certain sweetness along side it’s intense and occasionally brutal scenes. Being shot on film gives I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER is a weird little film with a timeless vibe which blends ‘90s indie style coming of age tale with low-budget ‘70s schlock. The film is absolutely compelling, so much so that a bizarre (although slightly telegraphed) third act twist which may turn off some viewers doesn’t negate everything that happened before.

Christopher Lloyd has an excellent turn in the film and stopped by after the screening for a short Q & A. Warning, here there be spoilers.

I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER will be released by IFC Midnight in early September.

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