On July 3rd, 1946, Bolo Yeung punched his way through his mother’s stomach and entered the world. He took out the doctor with a single kick, jumped through the hospital window, and drove himself to the Shaw Brothers studio in time for his first scene. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. This pair of pectoral muscles with eyeballs has been working non-stop since 1970 and quickly developed a solid history as one of the best badasses to bust on the scene. To quote Tim Roth in RESERVOIR DOGS “The Thing. Motherfucker looks just like The Thing.” But with a little more hair.

Bolo started his martial arts training when he was 10, working with a number of well known kung fu masters (later training with Bruce Lee who he developed a close friendship with). After a brief stint with the Shaw Brothers in 1970, he left in 1971 and worked for a number of different studios. The quality of those films was sometimes good like CALL TO ARMS, quirky but solid like CHINESE HERCULES, and sometimes iconic, like his brief appearance in ENTER THE DRAGON.

In 1988 Bolo had a breakout role in the Jean Claude Van Damme film BLOODSPORT. The picture was a hit and launched Bolo into a string of films that quickly developed a sizable fanbase. His name on a VHS box meant that you were at least guaranteed one good fight. Even if that meant suffering through some Billy Blanks bullshit just to get there. You knew Bolo was coming, and when he did, dudes were leaving with a limp.

In honor of one of the pound for pound toughest guys around, we have another DG trailer compilation with the hits and the hidden in Bolo’s career. Dig it!

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