[DRESS TO KILL] Creepy Co Pins and Patches We Can’t Pass Up

Late last year, Daily Grindhouse Fashion maestro Germ T. Ripper published this article about Creepy Co’s new Garbage Pail Kids collection. It blew our minds! So much so, we checked out what else they have to offer and wow. Just wow…

Vincent Price “Ablaze” Enamel Pin – $15.99

Honor the Master of the Macabre with this sick enamel pin featuring artwork by Mitch O’Connell. It’s 2-inches of sinister satisfaction.

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Creepy Co. Skully Enamel Pin – $9.99

Do you believe? Now, you can let everybody know there’s something out there with this cool Skully Enamel Pin.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Teeth Patch – $8.99

Glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth never get old. Even when they’re in patch form. Creepy Co put this little ditty together to give your wardrobe a more bite.


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Goosebumps Living Dummy Enamel Pin – $15.99

Slappy the Living Dummy is one of Goosebumps’ most famous icons. Now, he’s creepier than ever in this bitchin’ enamel pin.

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My Pet Monster Enamel Pin – $12.98

Did you have a My Pet Monster? Relive your furry, scurry childhood with Creepy Co’s MPM Enamel Pin. An instant conversation starter next time you’re looking cool at the club.

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Beistle Wiggle Skeleton Enamel Pin – $14.99

Who cares what time of the year it is? With this Beistle Wiggle Skeleton Enamel Pin, classic Halloween style follows wherever you lurk.

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Beistle Moon Witch Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $14.99

All your friends will cackle with jealousy when they see you rockin’ this Beistle Moon Witch Enamel Pin…one of the unforgettable icons of our youth (depending on how old you are).

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Beistle Goofy Jack-O-Lantern Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $14.99

It’s goofy, it’s creepy, it’s all kinds of fun: Beistle’s famous Jack-O-Lantern is ready to ride on your jacket shirt, messenger bag…any damn place you wanna put it. It’s ridiculously cool.

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Good Times Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $12.99

“Let the Good Times Roll!” Life is short, so live it up! Let this pin be your reminder to stare death squarely in the face, and vow to have a good time in this life, and the next.

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Ooze-It Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $12.99

As you may recall, it was a cult favorite toy in 1981. Now, Ooze-It is back for you. This variant edition is limited to 150 pieces total. So, grab it before it oozes away.

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Replica Poison Bottle Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $8.99

This pin is inspired by the highly prized Wheaton glassware poison/apothecary bottles. Perfect for the death ephemera enthusiast in your life.

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Creepy Co. Woodchipper Enamel Lapel Pin With Bobbling Severed Leg Action – $17.99

When someone sees you wearing this Woodchipper pin, maybe they’ll think twice before opening their mouth with their dumb opinion.

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Hearse with Casket Enamel Pin by Creepy Co. – $13.99

What’s groovier than a hearse with a casket pin? Creepy Co nails it with this dynamic memento mori.

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