Tony Scott had a visual style that was made for action films. Though he made films and produced several television series outside of that genre, he was most successful when he was creating visual chaos through speed, bullets, and brawn in shades of blue and red. Though there are other Scott films I would list ahead of this in terms of my favorites from his catalog, this is by far his best film. Denzel Washington turns in a great performance, but this is Gene Hackman’s film. He towers above the cast and has a controlling presence as the grizzled captain. Though this film has very well staged action scenes, including a white knuckle scene as the submarine losses power and sinks to hull crushing depths, it is the dialogue and skilled direction that allow this film to go beyond your average action picture.




Jon Abrams

Editor-In-Chief at Daily Grindhouse
Jon Abrams is a New York-based writer, cartoonist, and committed cinemaniac whose complete work and credits can be found at his site, Demon’s Resume. You can contact him on Twitter as @JonZilla___.
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