If you call this TOP GUN on the race track I am going to punch you in the face. This has nothing to do with TOP GUN and doesn’t even come close to resembling that story. Cole Trickle doesn’t have anybody really fighting for him outside of Randy Quaid, and if that’s all you have you’re fucked. Fortuntately, Cruise’s Trickle eventually wins over the heart of grizzled race vet Harrry Hogge played effortlessly by Robert Duvall and this is really where DAYS OF THUNDER comes into its own. Scott pays attention to the Trickle/Hogge relationship, it may not work all the time but it works enough to give this film more heart than you would expect. The Simpson/Bruckheimer machine was in full force at this point; pounding out flashy films that fully embraced everything that Tony Scott did well. DAYS OF THUNDER is a machine, but it’s finely tuned and fast as hell.

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Jon Abrams

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