I have never been a Wes Craven fan and if you’re like me, this film isn’t going to be changing your mind. I think THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is a masterpiece of visceral and dangerous cinema, I really enjoyed THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and though he has flirted with other solid films he never won me over. I think Craven is a guy with good ideas and horrendous execution. Even the first film in the franchise he started, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, is enjoyable but flawed. I was always a bigger fan of the sequels than the original but I digress. DEADLY BLESSING is a really mediocre film that is once again full of moments that work (spiders in the mouth) in a film that ultimately fails. You do get an early Sharon Stone performance, Michael Berryman, and Ernest Borgnine with a beard however.




Jon Abrams

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