THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT is one of the best action films of the 90’s. Gena Davis was 12 miles of bad road in that film, slinging bullets and kicking ass with one-liners courtesy of a tough Shane Black (LETHAL WEAPON) script. You add some Sam Jackson to the mix and you have all kinds of cool and 120 minutes of mayhem.


It may have not been the mega-hit Director Renny Harlin was looking for, but this flick has always had a pretty big fan base. For those who have always wanted a sequel, it sounds like you may be close to payday. DG spoke with Renny Harlin as part of our Featured Filmmaker section yesterday and we got the scoop on LONG KISS GOODNIGHT 2.

Daily Grindhouse: We’ve been hearing news about a LONG KISS GOODNIGHT sequel, do you have any updates on that?


RENNY HARLIN: We are definitely working on a sequel. The studio hasn’t signed off yet but behind the scenes I have gotten together with a writer, his name is Ben Watkins. I met him during the fall when I did a couple episodes of BURN NOTICE. A friend of mine is the creator and Ben Watkins is one the head writers and executive producer and it turns out he’s a huge fan of LONG KISS. We talked about it and Ben is going to write the sequel and hopefully we have the script ready to go next year. Sam Jackson is on board, he said “I will definitely do it” and he was kind of a key cast member for it.



Is Gena Davis going to be back as well?


RH: I hope that she will be part of it. Actually the main idea of the story is that the adventure is with Sam Jackson’s character and Gena’s daughter in the film grown up and the two on the road together.


Can you give us some ideas as to what the story outline or their overall mission is at this point?


RH: The mission is to find out who killed her mother.



What do you think bastards? This news hits me right in the geek. Looking forward to seeing Mitch Henessey back on the screen cracking wise. I hope they get Gena Davis back, be cool to see them set up her death before the action rolls. We’ll let you know more information as we get it. Catch the full Renny Harlin interview on 12/19 where we talk PRISON, DIE HARD 2, THE ADVENTURES OF FORD FAIRLANE, LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, and more.





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    December 2, 2011

    I can’t wait! Though the first one is cheesy as hell, I love it.
    However, more than Geena Davis, they need Shane Black on board. It was really his script that made the first one as awesome as it was. Well, that and Davis looking hot as hell.

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    December 2, 2011

    That script is like the best of Shane Black, jam packed with balls out action and one liners a plenty. I think with IRON MAN 3 in the works he is booked up but Renny seemed to think this new guy could nail the tone of the first one. It was a really cool interview. Very candid guy.

    That reminds me, did you see the article in Empire on LAST ACTION HERO? Good stuff.


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    December 3, 2011

    I haven’t seen that Empire article yet.

    You know what would be funny would be to have Black right the script (or the “new Black”) and then have Zak Penn come in and rewrite it….

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