THE HOWLING is arguably the greatest werewolf movie of all time. The amazing transformation scenes and unique storyline really helped it stand out from the pack (pun intended). In 1981, director Joe Dante took a tired sub-genre and revitalized it with a movie that is so smart and filled with subtext that it deserves to be continually celebrated.


Horror-centric clothing company CAVITY COLORS, who are known for their for their beautifully detailed artwork and their ability to push the envelope, does just that with their recently released THE HOWLING collection.



CAVITY COLORS main THE HOWLING design features iconic characters and scenes from the movie, seamlessly drawn together masterfully in one representation. The artwork for this was created by Devon Whitehead. Besides being the lead designer at CAVITY COLORS, Devon Whitehead has also created the artwork for many of the most well known SCREAM FACTORY releases. His style is recognizable and remarkable. What  he’s created for CAVITY COLORSTHE HOWLING collection is beyond amazing. This artwork is available as a unisex T-shirt, a girls fitted T-shirt, and a raglan baseball style shirt.








My personal favorite from the collection is CAVITY COLORS’ design, “Newslady Is A Werewolf.” The artwork depicts the shocking finale to THE HOWLING, and has  a very retro/vintage feel to it. I think I NEED this! The design for this one is by Steven Rhodes, who is best known for his subversive style depicting children summoning demons, sacrificing their friends, or selling their souls on apparel by WICKED CLOTHING. I’ve been a fan of his for awhile now. “Newslady Is A Werewolf” is offered in a plan unisex T-shirt, a fancy ringer style T-shirt, and a ladies slouchy tank top. Personally, I’d go for the ringer shirt, just for the full-on throwback look.








Besides the shirts, CAVITY COLORS has also come out with an enamel pin and socks with top-notch THE HOWLING designs.




Now get out there and become part of that secret society that exists, and is living among us. They are neither people nor animal, but they are fashion forward. Check out CAVITY COLORS and their THE HOWLING collection. They are on all major social media outlets, or better yet, you can go to the main source, cavitycolors.com. This is your old pal Germ the Ripper sayin’ “love fashion, hate fascism.” Tell em’ DAILY GRINDHOUSE sent ya, and always stay DRESSED TO KILL!







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