In the horror community there has always been a lot discussion over what the best movie is to watch during Halloween. The obvious answer is the original HALLOWEEN (1978) by the master of horror, Mr. John Carpenter. Others prefer more whimsy, and will opt for the family-friendly HOCUS POCUS (1993).


There are so many great movies to pick from, such as MAY (2002), THE GUEST (2014), HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES (2003), or NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988). For me, the one movie that captures all the aspects of Halloween that make it the greatest day of the year has got to be director Michael Dougherty’s full-length directorial debut, TRICK R’ TREAT (2007).  TRICK R’ TREAT has everything that makes Halloween great. The blend of whimsy, scares, legends, comedy, and horror hands-down make TRICK R’ TREAT the best movie to watch to celebrate Halloween.



What better way to celebrate the spooky season than to drop a brand-new line of TRICK R’ TREAT gear? Cavity Colors has done just that. It’s truly amazing to see the quality and diversity of this collection.



I’m excited for their “Season’s Greeting Sam” T-shirt. It’s illustrated by TRICK R’ TREAT writer and director Mike Dougherty. It features the earliest incarnation of Sam. illustrated by Mike back in 1996 for his animated short, SEASON’S GREETINGS, which I highly suggest you check out. This shirt is printed on an off-white ultra-soft 100% cotton and comes in a traditional unisex style and a fitted ladies’ T-shirt.



Next up, Cavity Colors have a top-notch design by Devon Whitehead, featuring many of the iconic characters and scenes from TRICK R’ TREAT. Devon is a frequent contributor to Cavity Colors and Scream Factory. His colorful and detailed style is always a treat to the eye and very identifiable. This new design of his comes printed on a black traditional T-shirt, a fitted ladies T-shirt, and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt… perfect for those chilly Autumn nights.



Another new T-shirt portrays the more sinister side of Sam holding a jack-o-lantern filled with candy and the heads of many of the characters in TRICK R’ TREAT. This shirt is available in either black or orange as a unisex T-shirt, and also as a black slouchy ladies’ tank top. This design is created by Austin Pardun, who is best known for his very vintage Halloween aesthetic featured in his own line of apparel.



On the cuter side of things, artist Marty McEwen, gives us the most adorable depiction of a baby Sam busting out a jack-o-lantern. This design is printed on ultra-soft 100%cotton, bright orange unisex shirts. Marty is known for his own line of apparel and merch featuring super-cute depictions of horror icons and serial killers.



Now, I’ve reached a certain age where I’m a sucker for “Dad fashion,” and that’s why I’m so excited to see that Cavity Colors has included a TRICK R’ TREAT pocket tee in this collection. This shirt features the TRICK R’ TREAT logo on the pocket, and Sam poking out of the pocket. Artist Hillary White, best known for her own line of ironic, absurd, and horror influenced merch, did a magnificent job in her depiction of Sam with half his mask off. This design is also available in an enamel pin. You know all good horror merch collections have to include at least one enamel pin.



The biggest trend in horror merch right now are printed joggers. I couldn’t be more excited to see Cavity Colors put out a pair of badass TRICK R’ TREAT joggers as part of this collection. These joggers also feature artwork by Hillary White and have the TRICK R’ TREAT logo down one leg, and Sam and the kids from the bus on the other leg. These unisex joggers are true-to-size fit, have pockets, are made of an ultra-soft cotton poly fleece blend, with ribbed ankle cuffs and an elastic band with a  drawstring.



Now get out there and make sure to follow the rules of Halloween, and always check your candy. Let’s carve a scary face, and stay fashion forward. Check out Cavity Colors and their TRICK R’ TREAT collection. They are on all major social media outlets, or better yet, you can go to the main source, cavitycolors.com. This is your old pal Germ the Ripper sayin’ “Love fashion, hate fascism.” Tell em’ Daily Grindhouse sent ya, and always stay DRESSED TO KILL!

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