If there was one box that stood out at my video store it was FRANKENHOOKER (with DEAD PIT being a close second). FRANKENHOOKER was the first “talking box” that we had and it was well played in the aisles of horror. “Wanna date” the box would scream. I heard that over and over until the battery died about a year later. The box may no longer speak, but the film still stands as an early 90?s horror-comedy classic.
Frank Henonlotter is a funny fucker. Humor is stamped all over his work from BASKET CASE to BRAIN DAMAGE. Those films have their share of shocking scenes and dance on the boundaries of the macabre, but they always know when to wink at the camera. I think both of those films are better than FRANKENHOOKER but I also think that FRANKENHOOKER understands what it is more so than Henonlotter’s previous films; a comedy with some horror riffs that ultimately play as a tribute to flicks like THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE. Henonlotter now works for Something Weird Video, finding and rescuing the flicks we all crave and treasure (he also directed the 2010 Herschel Gordon Lewis documentary THE GODFATHER OF GORE). I don’t know about you, but I would dig the hell out of another pic from the man that created a room full of exploding hookers.
FRANKENHOOKER is a grindhouse classic down to the last bolt.


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