[TRAILER DROP] Safe Words Wont Save You In The Trailer For GERALD’S GAME

It would seem that Stephen King—an author with over ninety books to his name and a career spanning four decades—is having a moment. A big screen adaptation of IT is hitting screens this week, The Mist has been turned into a series for Spike, and now, arguably his kinkiest tale, is making it’s way to Netflix.



GERALD’S GAME stars Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino as a married couple going through a rough spot that take a weekend trip to a remote lake house. Genre fans know that this never ends well. In an attempt to spice up their love life, Greenwood’s character introduces some heavier than Lover’s Lane style bondage, handcuffing Gugino to the bed for a some nasty role play.


A heart attack quickly winds up the shenanigans and Gugino is left, stranded, immobile and with no way to call for help.


GERALD’S GAME becomes a physical and mental tale of survival as Gugino fends off a nasty pooch and tries not to let the voices in the head get the best of her.


GERALD’S GAME premieres on Netflix on September 29th, but Fantastic Fest attendees will get an early look at the Stephen King adaptation from Mike Flanagan (OCULUS, HUSH).



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