Anyone who knows me knows that I’m fairly obsessed with Halloween — and everything that comes with it. Films, books, its myths and traditions — to this day I couldn’t tell you why. But I’ve spent a good portion of my life writing Halloween-inspired books, articles, and examinations of other mediums that celebrate my favorite day of the year. When I find other like-minded folks who are just as passionate, but more importantly, create something that I can then add to my yearly October celebrations, then that’s incredible.


And that’s where a group of young filmmakers who operate under the moniker Witching Season FIlms enter the picture. Debuting just over two years ago, the group collaborated on a series of short horror webisodes — each that have a tie to Halloween night in some manner. Made with the spirit of a bygone era (seriously, just check out their opening credit sequence and tell me it doesn’t fill you with old-school Halloween joy), the series known as The Witching Season has amassed a respectable amount of enthusiastic fans. (I’m one.)


Currently, the filmmakers are at the tail end of embarking on a crowd-funding campaign to turn one of their short films, They Live Inside Us, into a feature length film. They are very close to their goal and just need a bit more help in getting to their reasonable goal of $10,000. (At the time of this writing, they are less than $500 away.) As per usual with crowd-fund campaigns, there are numerous perks up for grabs for those willing to donate (I’m in for a Blu-ray of the The Witching Season series as so far accumulated), so check out their details and see if you can spare a buck or ten.


From their campaign page:


Our team of Halloween-loving independent filmmakers is looking to breathe new life into the horror genre with something fresh, original, and driven by sheer passion. We have spent the past three years of our creative lives fine-tuning our abilities while working on our web series, The Witching Season, and we are now ready to take what we have learned into the world of feature films.

For the past several months, we have been hard at work preparing to shoot a feature-film adaption of our biggest short film to date, They Live Inside Us. The feature film will be based on the same general concept as the short film, but the longer runtime will allow us to expand and polish the idea into something very unique and powerful.

Anyone who tries to keep the good name of Halloween alive deserves the support — that’s what I say — so show them some love please!



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