You look bored.  Are you bored?  Sitting there at work with nothing going on?

Why not watch some music videos?  It’ll give you a chance to catch up with the music that those young people are listening to, and simultaneously allow you to watch some cool short films.  That also have music in them.

So, c’mon! Let’s tune our weapons!

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Dig the Polish black metal sounds of Behemoth being given perfectly appropriate video form in this NSFW moody-as-all-get-out video for the first single off their new album, “The Satanist.” It’s about as black metal as black metal gets.

High on Fire
Slave the Hive

If that’s not enough metal for you, check out the more high energy metal of High on Fire with the nightmarish video featuring bunny nurses practicing weird science.

Danko Jones
Dir. Bruce LaBruce

LaBruce may be more known for the homoerotic zombie flicks OTTO OR UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE and L.A. ZOMBIE, but his video for Danko Jones’ rock track takes on a deceptively hetero vibe.

The Carrions
I Feel Alive
Dir. Mando & Kevin

The Carrions – “I FEEL ALIVE” from Kevin Beauchamp on Vimeo.

Directors Mando & Kevin even utilize split-screen in their video inspired by classic grindhouse flicks, placing the band on what the movie advertisements refer to as a “roaring rampage of revenge.”

The Huaraches
Dir. Brent Nurse

It makes perfect sense for the surf-guitar sounds of The Huaraches to conjer up some Mexican wrestlers, who pursue an unwitting radio DJ in Nurse’s entertaining low-rent clip.

Tears for Fears
My Girls
Dir. Vinyl Williams

Tears for Fears covering an Animal Collective song with a trippy retro video that looks like it was made by a talented animator on LSD using a Video Toaster? Sure, why not.

William Onyeabor
Atomic Bomb
Dir. Nicolai Troshinsky

Russian-born Spaniard Troshinsky animated this beautiful video for Nigerian singer Onyeabor, and it’s a blissfully satisfying piece of work that would be just as home in the early ’70s as as it is today.

I’m Aquarius
Dir. Edouard Salier

Salier’s stunningly-lensed take on the alienation of space works well with Metronomy’s hypnotic track.

Guerilla Toss
Pink Elephant
Dir. Heat Wilson

The 1994 Honda Civic is the feature of this experimental work with loads of found footage presented in a deliberately off-putting format — it shouldn’t really work, but backed by the sounds of Guerilla Toss, it’s pretty weirdly compelling.

Young Galaxy
Dir. Christopher Mills

A moody work about a young woman who invents “truth goggles,” Mills’ animated short is a stunner that works well with the Young Galaxy sound.

Broken Bells
After the Disco
Dir. Jacob Gentry

Gentry (director of THE SIGNAL) teamed with Broken Bells before for the excellent video for “The Ghost Inside,” and his work on this multi-part epic continues to be noteworthy. Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin star in this micro sci-fi romance with some stunning visual flair.


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