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You Should Know
Dir. Gerson Aguerri

Breakbot’s ’70s-ish track stars out with a ’60s pop-arty THE TOUCHABLES vibe, then moves into a more ’80s computer animated look, and while it’s all fun to watch, it’s not all that coherent thematically. Still, it’s good visual fun for a nice low-key track.

Public Service Broadcasting
Theme from PSB
Dir. Robin Brunson

Similar to their previous video but no less entertaining because of it, PSB backs their theme music by inserting themsleves into loads of vintage film imagery, working very well with the Emergency Broadcast Network-influenced sound.

Ivy Levan
Dir. Daniel Carberry

Another returning artist this week is Ivy Levan, who follows up her bad girl heist video “Hot Damn” with a natural sequel, as our heroine turns the tables on the crooks that captured her. Again, it’s a rare thing when “upbeat” and “film noir” collide so well.

Think of You

Also making a return appearance is MS MR, who moves from alien sex to an inventive and mind-boggling video that begins as a solid retro-styled live performance and becomes a serious visual mindfuck as a boy gets sucked into the television. This is how you do retro while giving it a modern, very new and original look, folks.

Five Knives
The Rising
Dir. Phil Mucci

Five Knives – “The Rising” Director’s Cut from Phil Mucci on Vimeo.

A FUNNY GAMES-like situation is made bearable for the histages by the sounds of Five Knives in this video that ended up not being used as the “official” video, but is still a stunner of a piece, from the visually inventive Mucci.

Slightly Left of Centre
Love the Way You Move
Dir. Aaron Mcdonald and Ben Ommundson

Slightly Left Of Centre – Love The Way You Move from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.

The song is a little autotune-heavy, but I can’t argue with an animated video about a robot that learns to funk with the help of some new Soviet shoes.

Heathen Apostles
The Reckoning
Dir. Mila Reynaud

For their debut album, the Heathen Apostles (which include The Cramps’ Chopper Franklin) bring the drama with this eerie video about vengeance with some nice vintage touches.

Verdict of the Soul
Dir. Eric Richter

Richter’s straightforward, pretty traditional metal vid doesn’t really do much other thabn bring the black metal dounds of Erimha to visual form, but damn, it does that just fine.

Fake Blood
All in the Blink of an Eye

In the guise of a previously-undiscovered internal scientific research film from 1978, Fake Blood has created a nifty homage to ephemeral filmmaking that works well with the ’70s-inspired track.

Sky Blue
Dir. Wilmer Valderrama

Oh, right, “That ’70s Show”‘s Valderrama is now directing insane western comic music videos that kind of feel like Das Racist on an uninspired day.

Busy Pop
Dir. Alexander van Walsum

A group of scientists take an alien out for a joy ride in this catchy track that’s a little Area 51, a little Studio 54.

Ola Ray

Model/actress Ola Ray (FEAR CITY, the Charles Napier-starring THE NIGHT STALKER, and, right, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video) gives a musical tribute to the King of Pop in, er… this.

Corey Feldman
Ascension Millennium

..and, inexplicably, it’s only the second-most embarassing Michael Jackson tribute video of the month, thanks to Corey Feldman in an amazingly wrong-headed, one-take monstrosity with a Sean Astin cameo. Chiba pointed it out before, but it’s worth sharing again.

Dir. Filip Filkovic Philatz

I don’t think it really works with the song, but Philatz’s vision of a future in which a young woman tries to find pleasure is fully-formed and worth a look.

Is Tropical
Lover’s Cave
Dir. Richard Kern

IS TROPICAL- “Lover’s Cave” (2013) from Richard Kern on Vimeo.

What’s experimental filmmaker Richard Kern doing now? Directing music videos (for a good band) with lots of boobs in them. This development is not surprising.

Trouble Not
Dir. Andrew Douglas

Ewan Bremner (TRAINSPOTTING) leads a group of strangers that immerse a young woman (THE HOST’s Ah-Sung Ko) into an imaginary dance number, thanks to a hypnotic light in a store window from the AMITYVILLE HORROR remake director Andrew Douglas.

Pia Zadora
Rock It Out

Our vintage video this time finds Pia Zadora in a women’s prison (a couple of years after she portrayed a thinly-disguised version of Liz Renay in the women’s prison flick FAKE-OUT) fending off a variety of bad girls and a prison warden, complete with a BLOOD FEAST intro thanks to the Elvira MTV special this video was ripped from.

Be back when the jukebox has been restocked. Click here for an archive of all of our Grindhouse Grooves column.

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