Hannibal Lecter to get a TV series.



Sure, why fucking not?


A French production company called Gaumont (which, roughly translated, means “Shit on Coaxial”) will produce a new hour-long drama about everyone’s favorite cannibal (after Kirstie Alley): Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


Little is known about the details behind the story (outside of it sucking, of course), but the general premise focuses on a young Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins, in a girdle with his hair slicked back), rooming with an annoying blonde and brunette in Santa Monica. They have a nosy landlord and a cock-blocking neighbor (with incredibly bad hair) who bring forth the wacky hijinks.


What’ll differentiate this from other TV shows is the supporting cast will change every new season, after Hannibal eats the old one.


I propose another Writer’s Strike.


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