Hey, ya bunch of delinquents; it’s your ol’pal G here from DG HQ.

Well, the theater lights are on, the show is over, but a don’t worry, the projectionist has been here a while so you’re in good hands for the next show.

After posting articles and trailers nearly every day since Daily Grindhouse went live a few years ago, I am stepping away from the day to day grind. I had the opportunity to stop talking about movies and finally make one. After a lot of pause and consideration, I wasn’t sure I could wake up happy if I passed on it. So here I go. The desk at DG HQ is cleared off, for the first time since I can remember I’ve gone two days without posting anything and I am not sure when I’ll be back. Probably late November, but who knows. It’s been harder than I expected to write this note to all the readers and fans, a lot of whom have come to be my friends. I have lived with this site and all of its hits and misses for so long, it became a part of me. Sounds cheesy as hell, but I don’t know any other way to put.

A few years ago, I started DG with my buddy Mac. Life was changing; I had another little troublemaker on the way and knew that I wasn’t going to have as much time to hit the theaters as I once did. So, I started a blog called Plissken’s Grindhouse to post the trailers I would usually be seeing at my local theater. Maybe start a new conversation with a film fan or two. I didn’t have any real point in the blog outside of that. Then like fucking FIELD OF DREAMS, we were swamped with people on the social pages who were finding us and digging what we were tossing up. That’s how Daily Grindhouse started. You found us, so we had to build a bigger church for all the cinematic sinners out there. It was far from flawless though.

When Daily Grindhouse went live a few years back we were trying to be everything to everyone. Having spent the last decade waking up every morning and clicking on AICN, I thought having a legitimate film website meant we had to report all the news, we had to do it first, and we had to be fast. After a year or so, we stepped away from the plate and quickly scaled back; we were going to do one thing and do it well. That one thing was sticking to our B movie roots. It was shortly after that when we got hooked up with John Carpenter that our traffic took a jump and we went from people wondering who we were to people wanting to write for us. We had done it, we had built our own dirty little corner of the web and it’s still sporting a heart that is stronger than ever.

Our site lives and dies by the written word, and our writers are MMA champs of structure and sentence. The Creeper, a crazy ass mutha who can legitimately move me to tear inducing fits of laughter with his words. Doug Tilley, the Canuck who’s been here since we went live and has an unmatched passion for no-budget cinema. Tristan Risk, hot trouble on two legs who knows the bad cinema score. Mia Mayo, our newest writer who established herself as a force of cool in one single article and hasn’t let her foot off the gas since. And of course Mac, I couldn’t love this guy more. A brother, godfather to my kids, and the one person who believed in this thing when it was just a rough sketch on a piece of paper at a bar. It was originally on a napkin, but he got drunk and ate it after my dinner, long story. I would thank Perry for everything he’s done, but that dude is coming with me on this make or break journey. I’ll thank him around award season.

Two cats I didn’t mention above that deserve a handshake and crotch to crotch hug, Paul and Jonny Abomb. That is the one-two punch that will be taking over DG. Paul is the new Editor-in-Chief of Dailygrindhouse.com and Jonny Abomb is the Managing Editor. Paul has an appreciation for cinema that I admire and a warm personality to match. He’s run a few new features by me and I think the DG crowd is going to really dig what he has in store. As for Jonny, this dude has no quit. His op-ed pieces rule the charts the moment they’re posted and his unique perspective on film from the grindhouse to the wide release is second to none. DG looks like something I did because it is; you may see some changes because eventually it’s going to look like something Paul and Jon would do. This is their team now.

I will be jumping back from time to time with the latest updates on my new project. I may even get a production page up so you can track the exploits of a production. I’ll just have to run it by Paul and Jon first. Heh. Until then, I salute you, Bastards. Thank you for everything. Thank you for reading the site every day. Thank you for sharing our articles. Thank you for helping spread the word of cool cinema from coast to coast. Shit, thanks for just being cool cats to share a few years with. Hopefully you dig the project my partner and I are getting together. We’ll talk again soon. Until then, go read something else on the site, this is a fucking downer.




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