Nicole Solomon, director of Small Talk, is back with a horror short just in time to ease those post-Halloween blues. Mare was written and produced by Solomon and Sean Mannion (Beneath the Black Moon) and is currently available to watch on YouTube.





Mare is loosely based on the Germanic myth of the same name. Similar to the succubus and the incubus, the mare was believed to be a malevolent spirit who sat on the chest of a sleeping person, causing them to have bad sleep or, quite literally a night-mare. Perhaps the most famous image of the mare can be found in Henry Fuseli’s painting The Nightmare, most famously mimicked in the movie poster for Ken Russell’s GOTHIC.
Mare is a modern-day take on the creature from folklore and stars Mannion as the man plagued by the creature in question. The short has some haunting imagery, lots of blood and a sly twist on the tell-tale chest pressure caused by the creature. If you enjoyed Mare, be sure to check out our review of Solomon’s short film Small Talk, which follows a young sex phone operator whose harassing clients mysteriously begin meeting sticky ends. Small Talk is currently available for purchase:


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