it came without warning

Director Greydon Clark had a brief flirtation with success when JOYSTICKS hit the theaters in 1983 but he generally directed low-budget films across multiple genres. His career is peppered with grindhouse classics like BLACK SHAMPOO and SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS, and several more films with his JOYSTICKS star Joe Don Baker including FINAL JUSTICE and WACKO. His 1980 effort IT CAME WITHOUT WARNING (also released as WITHOUT WARNING), was 7 years ahead of PREDATOR in the alien hunting human prey genre, and it’s a decent production despite some clumsy effects. It remains one of Clark’s best films.

Joe Taylor: ‘Sarge’ said that Alien was here for an invasion… that Alien came here only for sport to get him some trophies and we are the prized game.

…and somewhere Jim and John Thomas of PREDATOR had an idea…


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