The experience of loving a film is more than just enjoying what’s been committed to celluloid. In many cases, the art and marketing materials designed for our favorite films holds as special a place in our hearts as the film itself. And no piece of advertising is more important than the humble movie poster. Most of those reading this probably have a favorite film poster, and a good percentage of you probably have a few hanging in your house/apartment/cardboard box at this very minute. The best posters are able to capture – or even enhance – what makes the movie itself so special, and can create iconography that lives well beyond the film.

So, isn’t it about time that someone made a documentary about movie poster art? The artists who create it, companies that commission it, galleries that display it, and collectors and fans who hang it?

Well, someone IS making that film. But they need your help! The awesome sounding documentary TWENTY-FOUR BY THIRTY-SIX  from Post No Joes Productions is well on its way to being funded, but only have a few more days to make their (and our!) dreams come true. This is a story that MUST be told, and their kickstarter video gives you the broad strokes:

How bad-ass is THAT?

Like any good Kickstarter campaign there are tons of great perks involved with donating, but the greatest perk of all would be the opportunity to park your butt in front of a screen and watch this movie play in front of your eye-holes.

Only a few more days to make this happen. Open up your minds and wallets and head on over to their Kickstarter page.

Doug “Sweetback” Tilley

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