We here at DG are a big fan of many of the documentaries that have used crowdsourced funding in order to finance the completion costs of their films, from I AM DIVINE to REWIND THIS! To THAT GUY: DICK MILLER to the currently-running campaign for Andrew Leavold’s documentary THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG. So while the way that Rosie Ruiz and Robert Nares are getting funding isn’t surprising, the subject of their upcoming documentary certainly is.

“Well, both of us love cult films,” Ruiz explained via e-mail, “and we’re both documentary filmmakers, so we were each looking for a project. But all of the really great topics for genres and actors and directors seemed to be taken. I was about to start my examination of the WITCHCRAFT series, but when I contacted [WITCHCRAFT II director] Mark Woods, he told me he’d already been interviewed by some documentary crew out of Austin.”

“Meanwhile, I was planning a retrospective of the films of Joy Houck,” Nares mentioned, “but it turns out Stephen Thrower is doing that. Eventually, we both just decided to work on something together, and figured, ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to look at all of these cult movie documentaries coming out?’”

The filmmakers’ intention is to talk to filmmakers such as Leavold, PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND and EUROCRIME!’s Mike Malloy, and DIVINE’s Jeffrey Schwartz about the documentaries they made, and if they have any advice to the filmmakers about raising more money for their documentary. Ruiz and Nares plan on using those suggestions and document the results by interviewing themselves. Nick Broomfield is reportedly interested in producing the film.

For a pledge of $5 or more, you will receive a button with the film’s logo.  For $10 or more, the duo will send you a personally-created DVD-R of the film during its production, with the requirement that you film yourself viewing the incomplete film and responding to the question, “Do I feel my $10 was used wisely?,” the footage of which will be sent to the directors in order to complete a fundraising video for a future campaign. A pledge of $20 or more also receives a T-shirt.

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