Some of our readers noticed that the website was down last weekend, and for much of the past week. Guess I should be a little worried about the ones who didn’t notice it, but either way, we’re back and we regret any confusion our absence may have caused. Far as my position as the primary editor of this site goes, I debated writing anything about it, and ultimately I decided that it’d be weirder not to acknowledge it at all.


There’s no big scary reason — it was part of the technical side of maintaining Daily Grindhouse, the growing pains of a small-time site working real hard to make a name in this ruthless and unforgiving terrain we call the internet. I’d like to emphasize the “growing” over the “pains.” In fact, that’s the whole reason we crashed — our viewership is growing more rapidly than we thought, and it took us by surprise. We had to expand to accommodate the influx of brilliant, attractive readers. Rest assured: We’re still here, and we’re not planning to go away anytime soon. Quite the contrary!


Granted, we’re still only a really tiny fish in a vast, murky pond, but if that’s the case, I’m going to think of us as a piranha — maybe piranha with nobler intentions. Tenacious, scrappy, unwilling to be denied our spot when it comes time for feeding. In an age when everybody has a Twitter account or a reality show, it’s harder than ever to break through and get noticed — all we ask is, assuming you like what we do of course, that you stick with us and keep reading.


It can never be said enough to you, the Daily Grindhouse readers, how very much we appreciate your time and attention. We really do try to bring you stuff that’s not quite like anything anybody else is doing. It’s the best feeling to know you good people are reading it. Thank you.


Now this is a fine place for me to underline how special our stable of writers and personalities is, to tell you how to find them here on the site, and to encourage literally everyone in the world to seek out their work here and elsewhere:


On Mondays, we feature the lovely and hilarious Mia Mayo and her videos that celebrate classic horror movies in style.


On Tuesdays, we feature the lovely and hilarious Jeremy Lowe‘s new column for dedicated genre-film heads, Straight Out Of Straight-To-Video.


On Wednesday, we’ve got Ryan Carey‘s Grindhouse Comics Column, spotlighting one title in depth each week. This is some of the freshest thinking on modern comic books anywhere.


And on Fridays, we have Doug Tilley‘s Video Toaster, which is an unbeatably unique look at movies nobody else anywhere is thinking about. This column is pure Doug and that’s a beautiful thing.


On top of all that, we regularly feature the terrific and thorough writing of the indefatigable Jason Coffman, who made a well-deserved splash over the last couple days with his latest opinion piece, getting thumbs-up from everyone from Guillermo Del Toro to Barbara Crampton. Read everything he’s done!


And it’s a very great pleasure to run the work of Tristan Risk, a genuine movie star who still occasionally blesses us with her one-of-a-kind movie columns.


Really, we’ve spotlighted many incredibly talented contributors during my time at the wheel here, including (please Lord don’t let me leave anyone out) Jim Donahue, and Mike Vanderbilt, and Matt Wedge, and Patrick Smith, and Sabina Stent, and Sharon Gissy, and Matthew Monagle, and Mike McGranaghan. They’re all great and we plan to feature them again, and more still to come.



And lastly you’ve got whatever the hell it is I add to the mix. The value is in the eye of the beholder but you’ve got to admit one thing, there sure is a lot of it to behold.


Thank you for reading Daily Grindhouse. Thank you for noticing when we weren’t here. Thank you for still being here now that we’re back. Stay with us, would you please? We’ll keep at it long as people are reading. And hell, if you could support our sponsors at Cult Movie Mania, well, that’d sure be nice too.


Far as I’m concerned, this is only the beginning. As Arnold said to the unfortunate extra…






Jon Abrams

Editor-In-Chief at Daily Grindhouse
Jon Abrams is a New York-based writer, cartoonist, and committed cinemaniac whose complete work and credits can be found at his site, Demon’s Resume. You can contact him on Twitter as @JonZilla___.
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