Rob Zombie announced some new casting via his facebook page on his LORDS OF SALEM project. Sounds like Tim Burton’s Vampira is going to give her all to the coven. Zombie’s films consistently have cool as hell casting. Already on LORDS we have; Bruce Dern, Billy Drago, Richard Lynch, and Dee Wallace, and now Lisa Marie. You toss a John Five score on top of that and you have all kinds of badass.




Here’s the news from Rob’s Facebook page:



Here’s some cool casting news we are excited about! LISA MARIE has signed on as Priscilla Reed, a woman who gives her all to support “the cause of the coven” in merry old Salem.



Lisa hasn’t appeared on screen since 2001 in Tim Buron’s remake of Planet Of The Apes. Before that fans obviously remember her from such films as Mars Attacks! Sleepy Hollow and of course her turn as VAMPIRA in Ed Wood.



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