Sean Donahue and Gaterblade Films are putting Tampa on the map with DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, a fun horror romp that combines the 1970s grindhouse feel with 1980s T & A to make this flick a gory good time. The blood flows quite freely, with shades of deep red. This little maniac gem took me back to the ’80s slashers, with its scores of anything-goes gross-outs.


Some lovely sweethearts are just trying to make ends meet and to pay that nasty electric bill on time, so they engage in some harmless sex for cash, unaware that a sick psycho is maliciously targeting call girls.  It starts with a phone call from a lonely stranger looking for a good time and it ends with sadistic murders and the loss of innocent lives. Such bright futures savagely cut short by a variety of horrific deaths. Only the brave should watch DEATH-SCORT SERVICE all alone.


Sean Donahue’s use of lighting recalls Dario Argento in his prime before his mid-1990s fall from grace. Donahue takes cues from Argento’s trick bag, and adds his own to the mix. Master editor Chris Woods makes sure the cuts are quick and that the scenes smoothly transition all the way to the shocking conclusion. However the cast really makes DEATH-SCORT SERVICE such a visual treat. I’m sick of current horror movies that are overtly PC, or have great effects, but horrible actors that make you want to reach for the remote to press the fast-forward button. Not so here. Some beautiful local girls like Krystal Pixie Adams, Amethist Young, Cayt Feninics, Ashley Lynn Caputo, and the stunningly gorgeous Lisa Marie Kart prove they all can act, as well as look great. Lisa Marie Kart has a rare gift to get you to empathize with her character that draws you in and you feel compelled to protect her, so if something tragic happens to her, it feels like watching a loved one get butchered and makes the horror real.


Also excellent acting from the legendary Joel Wynkoop, another local Tampa Bay gem, who will make your skin crawl with his psychotic performance. Bob Glazier is also great. and I am looking forward to seeing his performance in CANNIBAL CLAUS.


The scenes would not have the same nail splitting impact without the rich musical score by the genius composer, Toshiyuki Hiraoka, a Japanese musician whose score alone will send shivers down your spine. Combined with the acting, lighting, editing, and effects, Toshiyuki’s music gives everything that extra magic that haunts your mind long after the movie is over.


For rabid horror fans, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE is a must have. You have to see it and experience the terror for yourself. Run, do not walk to your nearest store or go online to get your copy. See why Sean Donahue and Chris Woods are the indie filmmakers to watch in Tampa. See how horror movies are meant to be without all the CGI and Hollywood big-budget crap currently out there that is diluting horror to a sorry putrid slush.






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