New York, NY — Wild Eye Releasing has announced the January 17th nationwide DVD release of WOLF HOUSE.  Directed by Matt D. Lord, WOLF HOUSE was scripted by Ken Cosentino and Elizabeth Houlihans and stars Cosentino along with Jessica Bell and Marcus Ganci-Rotella.  A daring mashup of found-footage and monster movies, WOLF HOUSE is currently an exclusive on Walmart shelves.




Six friends on a camping trip think they have discovered, captured and killed a Sasquatch. But what they have actually unleashed is something more evil, more ancient and more deadly than they could ever imagine — an army of supernatural terrors that will hunt them until none of them remain.




So let’s look at this for a minute here — that synopsis sets it up to be a Sasquatch movie, but the [very striking] poster art seems to imply this is a werewolf movie. That’s the funky kind of rope-a-dope I can definitely get behind. The werewolf movie is the chocolate and the Sasquatch movie is the peanut butter and I would’ve never expected those two flavors to get mixed together but now that they have been, it sounds sort of like the Platonic ideal of monster movies. Only combination I can think of that I’d rather watch would be a movie where Godzilla gets bitten by a vampire bat. Anyway, you did it WOLF HOUSE, congratulations, my interest has been piqued.





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