NEW IMAGES FROM THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN… which is 20% webslinger, 50% TWILIGHT, and 30% lame



I was one of the few cats that dug the trailer that came out a few months ago. I think Andrew Garfield is a great choice to play the web slinger but I am still a little pissed at the whole re-boot thing. Yeah the last film in the franchise sucked but Raimi had a good thing going (except for the organic webbing). SPIDERMAN 2 is one of the best superhero films ever made. Why the whole thing? Because SPIDERMAN was too old. He was out of high school, and that doesn’t sit well the execs who have a boner for TWILIGHT.


Anyway, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN’S Facebook page dropped some new images. Outside of the shot of the mechanized web shooters and Dennis Leary as police chief George Stacey, there isn’t a whole lot to geek on here. In fact, since the trailer dropped I haven’t seen much from this flick at all that makes me want to jump out and see it. It’s starting to feel like Spiderman via Twilight and that is full on shit. Not a little shit, not a quick morning BM, full on shit.
Judge for yourself:













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