Blaxploitation at its best, back when Melvin Van Peebles was pounding out genre defining classic like SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADASSSSS SONG, was a commentary on society. It had a message; often heavy handed and rarely subtle. Mario Van Peebles went for subtle, dressing a message up in a slick as hell action film that owes a lot to the genre his Father helped create. This thing is stacked with solid performances and before you pop off at the mouth, fuck the irony of Ice-T playing a cop. He owns the role of Scotty and brings a natural toughness to the role. There are times in this flick when he is better than anybody else on the screen and say what you will about Wesley Snipes, but the guy can act when he’s not pulling some Kung-fu in a direct-to-video shit-fest. I wish Ice and Snipes had more time on screen together but that is a minor complaint and a point I raise only because each of them are so good in this. This is what the genre could have looked like before it became a mockery of itself. Don’t get me wrong, I love bad blaxploitation, but I also love good movies and this is one of them.





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