Funded in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign over the summer, the newly-formed Vinegar Syndrome has announced its first release, a Blu-Ray/DVD combo set of three previously thought lost sexploitation films from BLOOD FEAST director Herschell Gordon Lewis!  All three films have been restored from their original camera negatives and are being released to video for the first time anywhere in the world.


Discovered thanks to the help of filmmaker Shaun Costello (WATER POWER, FORCED ENTRY), Vinegar Syndrome plans to release the double-disc set on December 11, 2012, with a retail price of $24.95 – a bargain for three previously-unseen works from one of the giants of the grindhouse.  The cover features artwork by Jay Shaw, whose work on re-imagining film art is visible here.



The films in the set are as follows:



Combines the savagery of a classic Hollywood western with sequences of intense eroticism.



A torrid comedy/drama set in the swinging world of late 60’s Los Angeles.



Black Love exposes the lovemaking habits of the contemporary black couple through a series of amusing and creative vignettes.


Those excited by this (which is ALL OF YOU, right?) will be pleased to know that this is just the beginning of Vinegar’s roster of releases.  Next up on the agenda, set for early 2013, is the first-ever home release of the New York City-lensed thriller MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS.


Originally released in 1973, MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS, described in Genesis Magazine in 1974 as an “R-rated whodunnit”, that is “authentic” since the co-producer himself, Craig Nolan, ran a massage parlor previous to making the film. The film was re-released in 1975 as MASSAGE PARLOR HOOKERS when it was picked up by Film Ventures International and marketed as a zany sex comedy! To add even more confusion, it was also released as THE HAPPY HOOKERS in order to make audiences think it was based on the Xaviera Hollander book.


Despite Film Ventures’ efforts to the contrary, MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS is reportedly a mix of early 70s cop drama, lots of ridiculous killing scenes, nudity, and a fantastic car chase through lower Manhattan.  Featuring Brother Theodore in a small role, this should be a must-buy for fans of the golden age of lurid NYC-lensed exploitation flicks.


Vinegar Syndrome will also be introducing a DRIVE-IN line, which will consist entirely of themed double and triple features sourced primarily from theatrical release prints. These releases will be priced considerably lower than than the ‘official’ DVD/Blu combo packs and will be available on DVD. They will also be offering digital downloads of all DRIVE-IN titles via their website in 720p.
First up for the DRIVE-IN line of releases: Ken Friedman’s DEATH BY INVITATION (1971) and Paul Kener’s SAVAGE WATER (1979).





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    Michael DiRoma
    September 19, 2012

    I am in awe of these discoveries. Definitely a company to keep an eye on. Can’t wait for these releases.

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    September 22, 2012

    Glad to find this site! Seems to be a fine up-and-coming company dedicated to vintage drive-in flicks! If I may make one suggestion, I would LOVE to see a release of Arthur Marks’ THE ROOMMATES (1973), which has never been on home video in any way, shape or form. DARK SKY FILMS currently has this property (and they’ve released several Marks titles), however they’ve apparently abandoned any future drive-in releases. FINALLY getting The Roommates on home video would make me a very happy camper!

    Thanks again!
    Ray Ruether.
    Dallas, TX

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