New York Asian Film Festival

Day Two of the New York Asian Film Festival gets underway at 1pm this afternoon and keeps going all day long.  The NYAFF is being presented by Subway Cinema (visit them here), and almost all of the screenings are taking place at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center (find a more complete rundown here).

Here are today’s screenings, with pictures & summaries courtesy of the festival:

The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

Director Herman Yau in person for Q&A!

Wilson Yip’s IP MAN movies starring Donnie Yen were such big hits that Herman Yau decided it was time to make one of his own, and to do so he enlisted some of Hong Kong’s greatest martial artists. With action choreography by the mighty Bruce Leung (Gallants) and starring Sammo Hung, his opera-school brother Yuen Biao, the first IP MAN movie’s Fan Siu-wong, and Ip Man’s actual son, Ip Chun, this movie will leave you bruised, battered, and begging for more.

The Berlin File

Star Ryoo Seung-Beom in person for Q&A!

Korea’s action auteur, Ryoo Seung-Wan, injects kinetic kicks into the old school cold war spy story with THE BERLIN FILE, a slam-bang action throw down that exchanges American/Soviet tensions for North Korean/South Korean geopolitical gamesmanship to deliver an espionage flick in the vein of John Le Carré, only with rather more dead bodies, broken arms, and sniper showdowns. The second-highest-grossing movie of the year in Korea, this box-office blockbuster is like a Korean installment in the BOURNE franchise.

Eungyo aka A Muse

New York Premiere! Director Jung Ji-Woo and star Kim Go-Eun in person for Q&A!

A scandalous success based on Park Bum-shin’s novel Eun-gyo, about an aging poet laureate (Park Hae-il) and his assistant and protégé who become romantically involved in a triangle with an enigmatic 17-year-old girl (Kim Go-Eun). Jung’s film earned numerous accolades including Best Film at the Buil Film Awards, as well as eight Best New Actress awards (including the Buil Film Awards, Grand Bell, Busan, KOFRA and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards) for Kim Go-Eun’s performance.


A timid man’s mundane life takes a turn when he is visited by a vision of the Virgin Mary.


International Premiere!

Taking its title from a formal Filipino dance, Erik Matti’s realistically-observed, sympathetically acted, and appropriately raunchy film centers on a love triangle, involving a reality TV star, the girl he falls in love with, and his wife.

Tomorrow is Martial-Arts Sunday, so stay tuned, steel your gaze, and get your gi on!




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