Uh oh! Something has Moe and Doug PEEVED. Yes, it’s the rantiest episode of No-Budget Nightmares EVER as the pair tangle with a viewer-picked movie that proves to be a blizzard of ignorance and threatens to break their resolve to tiny bits. At first WOMEN’S STUDIES seems like it’ll merely be innocently dumb and misguided, but soon a free-flowing river of misogyny spews all over the faces and groins of your beloved hosts. There’s only one solution.. EVISCERATION! It’s NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES vs the MRAs in the BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!

And KEEP LISTENING until the end to hear the winner of our SLAUGHTER TALES DVD contest! OH BOY! Not only that, but you also get a BRAND NEW SONG from Roo inspired by this week’s movie! Yes, he wrote a song about this piece of garbage! WHAT A TROOPER.

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    June 7, 2015

    The worst part about the stud/whore line is that it fucked up my head by not following the rule of three.

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