WHO YA GONNA CALL! The.. uh.. Denver Ghostbusters! No-Budget Nightmares takes its first trip into FAN FILM territory, and this one’s a doozy. RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS brings together a whole new group of ghostbusters, and while they are missing the charm, wit and acting ability of the original GHOSTBUSTERS, they make up for it with plenty of awkward pop culture references and an appearance from THE ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD. There’s special(?) effects galore, and once it actually gets going it’s not half-bad. Thanks go out to listener and Patreon subscriber James Owens for forcing this upon us. BUSTIN’ MAKES US FEEL GOOD!

Keep your ears peeled until the end to hear a terrific new RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS-themed song from Roo!

And, hell, watch the entire RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS movie for free. RIGHT NOW!


Not enough? RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS is actually a sequel to *this* goofy fan film. FREDDY VS GHOSTBUSTERS

And that’s not all! Also mentioned on the show are a few more GHOSTBUSTERS-themed fan films. Feel free to check out GHOSTBUSTERS MARSHALL DIVISION

And The Real New England Ghostbusters’ THE ECTO EPIC

Friend of the show Robert Long is trying to raise money to make a Don Dohler inspired film called MADHOUSE MANOR! Read all about it here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/madhouse-manor-the-movie#/story and check out the great crowdfunding trailer:

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