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Sweet sassy molasssy! The NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES PODCAST is *BACK*! And it’s packing HEAT! And for their triumphant return, Moe Porne and Doug “Sweetback” Tilley are covering an all time nutball classic from 1994: KINDERGARTEN NINJA. Featuring NFL legend Dwight Clark as a drunken, womanizing douchebag who turns his life around thanks to MARTIAL ARTS, kids(!) and the ghost of Bruce Lee. Seriously! Clark gets a chance to fight, sing, eat french-fries, cozy up to bimbos, hilariously promote his restaurant and ACT! Sort of! And the episode ends with another INCREDIBLE song by Roo, and the promise of many, many more episodes to come. STOP READING AND START LISTENING!

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LOTS of new exciting stuff to come. Including a FULL EPISODE ARCHIVE. It’ll be OFF THE CHAIN

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