Though he’s appeared in seventeen films, written more than ten and produced nearly that much, Bey Logan is internationally known on the microphone for dropping a staggering amount of knowledge and history on his commentary tracks for Dragon Dynasty, Hong Kong Legends and others. On his Facebook page today, Logan dropped a video he produced with Damon Dash (former business partner of Jay-Z). The short tells the story of a young kid doing damage to a crew that’s trying to kick him out of their piece of street and has some cool and quick fight scenes. Dig it!

Dash talked with Complex about the project:

How’d this project come together? You were on a trip to Hong Kong and just decided to make a short film?
Yeah. We went on a trip to open up the Hong Kong gallery, Poho 66, and while I was out there I got inspired. I wanted to direct, and my [director of photography] and my main editor—my partner for a while—Jonah Schwartz was in Japan for a couple of years. He flew out to China to meet us to tape the gallery opening. Once I got with him I was like, ‘Yo, we got to shoot something. I just feel it. I’m inspired.’

How’d you decide on a kung fu short?
I was in Highlander: Endgame years ago with this dude, Donnie Yen. He’d tell me, ‘I’m the biggest film star in China,’ and I was like, ‘yeah, alright,’ because I never heard of him and he was always kind of bitter about it, but we became really good friends. When I got back to China I started to notice he really was the biggest movie star out there. One of his older producers that works with him, a friend of my partner’s in China, this dude Bey [Logan], he had all of these stuntmen rehearse to do fighting scenes. So I was like, ‘Okay, I already know what I’m going to shoot.’ So I just used my own experience—that fight I had in Paris—as the subject matter, and we recreated it.

Read the full transcript of the interview here.

You can follow Bey on Facebook here, just don’t cross him, because he’ll leave you bloodied and bashed and then record a commentary track telling the world the step by step process of making you look like a chump.




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