NUKIE (1988)


Do you hate your children? I’m talking pure vitriol: the type of hatred reserved for the ball-breaking boss who makes your job a living hell, or the gang who raped your wife, or maybe even Bronson Pinchot.

Well, if that’s the case, NUKIE is the type of children’s fare that should be right up your demented alley.

The flick revolves around two aliens who crash in Africa, and spend the majority of the runtime looking for each other, getting into wacky hijinks, and yelling “NUUUUKIE!” and “MEEEEEEKO!”

Mostly the latter.


If this isn’t the most terrible movie on our putrid planet, it’s a close fucking second. NUKIE is an endurance test from beginning to end. From awful aliens with snot running down their noses* to the relentless padding which beats the hapless viewer over the head, this movie will slap your mama and test your mettle. If I were a betting man, I’d guess this flick will break you. And not in a fun Drago way.

NUKIE is evil, Bastards. Pure concentrated evil.

* Hey Aqualung.

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