There are a few different documentaries on the history and culture of home video on the horizon (and we’ll have a look at ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR later this week), but the biggest and most all-encompassing figures to be PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND: THE STORY OF THE ‘80S HOME VIDEO BOOM, a massive, six-part epic of Ken Burnsian proportions directed by Mike Malloy, who helmed the excellent EUROCRIME! THE ITALIAN COP AND GANGSTER FILMS THAT RULED THE ‘70S.  (As his first doc is set in the ‘70s, with this one in the ‘80s, I’m looking forward to the follow-up project, which will obviously be about some cult movie phenomena of the ‘90s.  I’m guessing WITCHCRAFT sequels.)

While much progress has been made on PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND and many interviews have been shot, they’re looking for just a little bit more funding to push them over the edge to continue the production and head into post.  And you can even get some great bonuses out of contributing, including vintage video magazines and some very rare DVDs and VHS tapes signed by the likes of Donald Farmer, Tom Garrett and Tim Ritter!

Best of all, you’ll get a chance to contribute to the most comprehensive history of home video yet!  Check out their sizzle reel below, and click here to contribute!

PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND sizzle reel from Mike Malloy on Vimeo.


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